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Loose Diamonds


A few words about cut…

You probably already know that diamonds are graded on the “four C’s“; clarity, colour, cut and carat weight. It is also important to understand however, that aside from the diamond size (carat weight), cut is the most important.

Cut refers to the overall proportions of a diamond, the symmetry of the diamond and the quality of polish applied to the diamond. Without a good quality cut, the cleanest, whitest diamond in the world will not shine. The quality of a diamond’s cut directly affects the beauty of a diamond.

Most “ideal” cut diamonds are measured using only 16 of a diamond’s 56 facets. At Casa D’Oro Jewellery, we look at all aspects of a diamond’s cut to offer you the brightest diamond possible.

We have helped many people choose fabulous ideal cut diamonds over the years. No one has ever come back and said: “I wish I selected a poorer quality diamond!”

When it comes to ideal cut diamonds, seeing truly is believing.